When the inspiration for an entire collection has “endless” in the title, it’s a little funny to finally arrive at the release date tomorrow. I couldn’t be more excited!  

A year ago I watched Endless Summer projected on a big screen at the very beach where the original photograph, used as reference for the now-iconic movie poster, was taken. The aged photo looks as though it has a filter on it, but no, that’s simply the way film in the 60s presented! I fell in love with the stronger, softer, bolder colors. 

This is how the color palette for COAST, like those waves along the beach, crashed into my life. 

You’ll see teals and oranges, even shimmer effects, all drawn from the original photo taken at Salt Creek beach.  These brighter hues have ebbed into my new collection, showcasing a wider variety of color and sizes than in any of my previous releases!

In its own way, this summer has become endless, with an ever-evolving quarantine that removes us from our routines and for many, brings us back to our core values.  It’s no surprise art and the ocean keep me busy during this forever season. 

Borne from that renewed focus, the COAST collection brings an extended summer vibe

to your home or beach gathering long after we return to “the new normal.”  Whether you’re hanging out with friends or an intimate night for two, there’s no better companion than a flowing glass of wine, delicious snacks and an impressive COAST grazing board.  

As a resin artist, I draw a lot of parallels between my art and surfers. Surfboards at their core are a functional piece of resin art.  A surfer mindfully chooses the design, color, shape, and length of the board as an extension of who they are when they take to the waves.

With over 75 new grazing boards in the COAST collection to choose from, you’ll find a perfect match for your personality and entertaining style. Just like a surfboard, I’m offering more size options to fit the different uses -- solo snacks, couple’s appetizer, or full-blown hostess tray. Each KaylaRae grazing board mimics the ocean, bringing a unique beach experience with every use… except this board stays on land.

Surfboards catch waves, and KaylaRae grazing boards catch eyes.  Hold onto summer all year round with your very own.