Our Story


Since graduating college in 2017, self- taught Laguna Beach based artist, Kayla Rae Gierut, had a vision to bridge her education in Environmental Science and her passion for art into one. It was during this time she stumbled across a form of fluid art using an epoxy resin (the same material used to glass surfboards).

Kayla has a goal to put a spin on what we normally consider “art” and create works that serve a function in the everyday home while attaining an affordable price. She is most known for her Grazing Boards - a must-have staple for every home entertainer.

Kayla pays tribute to her coastal roots by seeking all of her inspiration from her seaside environment . This often means honing in on techniques that have taken her years to closely emulate geologic rock formations or seascapes. Resin is an extremely difficult medium to work with as it is known for its challenges, however, Kayla describes herself as someone who is not intimidated by experimentation or getting a little messy. The medium’s unpredictability further encourages that no two works are the same and Kayla quite literally “pours” her heart out into each and every piece.


Kayla strongly believes that there is truly an art to gathering- whether it be over a decadent grazing board with old friends, or through philanthropic action with new faces-When it is done properly, it has the power to build a community and sense of belonging, while bringing a smile to someone face that is least expecting it. 

Since founding Kaylarae Resin Designs in 2017, Kayla has chosen to donate a portion of proceeds every month towards political initiatives that serve communities and movements in dire need of support. From aiding ocean clean ups, to providing holiday meals to local families in need, she is continually inspired by the outpouring of love and compassion that flows from working together towards making the world a better place. 

When you purchase an artwork, you become a part of the Kaylarae family. Spreading kindness, one grazing board at a time…


It all started with a passion to create custom, one - of - a - kind grazing boards as unique as you. Each presentation board is 100% handcrafted using the highest quality, sustainably sourced materials in my Laguna Beach atelier.  

I believe that there is truly an art to gathering, whether it be with family, friends, or a community. My mission is to elevate these experiences by creating environments using these functional artworks that have the power to inspire, connect, and engage us with our surroundings and each other. After all, the best conversations are made over a delicious grazing board and good wine!