The Art Of Gathering; KaylaRae Style

Grazing boards became my favorite canvas because I am, in fact, obsessed with getting people together.  Whether it is for a girls’ night in or a full-on holiday party, I have always celebrated the art of gathering. Yes, it is a true art -- though sometimes eating big family dinners does feel like a competitive sport! What is better than having your people around, making memories, and losing track of the hours (and servings) because of good food, full-bodied wine, and the best laughs?

Nothing is better than gathering people close.

And guess what?  It doesn’t matter if it's a beautifully designed meat and cheese masterpiece or all you could muster from the disheveled pantry before everyone shows up.  The art of gathering lies in the making of memories with good company.

Gather and harvest from the earth.

Gather together to celebrate a life.

Gather to support each other during loss.

Gather your favorite foods and make an edible masterpiece. (have you read my Trader Joe's "go to" shopping list?)

Gather what’s left of your wits and throw whatever is left in the fridge on the board and call it a day.

Gather your friends and family together for whatever you need.

Gather some peace of mind.

And when people gather, we all know everyone practically sprints to the appetizer table.  As they should! 

Regardless of why people all shuffled into the same room, simply having food available brings them together. Make it easy, homey, and instantly welcoming with a grazing board to center everyone’s focus. Having quick snacks always makes people feel relaxed to know, at the very least, they have an activity to do when avoiding those awkward questions from that one aunt… you know the one.

Plus, a grazing board is the easiest element to enhance your event’s theme -- Mediterranean Medley! Sweet 16! Veganpalooza!  Your KaylaRae Grazing Board is the foundation to bring food into your theme with ease and beauty, and it can be used all year round.  

Thanksgiving cornucopia?  Grateful for it.

Work holiday party? It works in your favor!

New Years Eve? Auld lang slide that cheeseboard over here please!

Fourth of July? Making every picnic be a blast!

First home? Welcome to another milestone of adulting that comes with the necessity to feed others… use this beautiful board to make it look like you have your sh*t together!

When you gift a KaylaRae Resin Grazing Board, as a hostess gift or to that family member who gives so much of themself to everyone else… you are celebrating the time spent together and making memories. The art of gathering pulls in the most important elements of life -- nourishing the soul, relationships, and of course, a full and happy stomach.

Go forth and gather (responsibly & safely), my friends.

Mikayla Gierut


Mikayla Gierut

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