Picnic season is among us, and with the announcement of my picnic basket release happening March 27th, I couldn’t help myself but put together a few of my MUST KNOW tips and tricks to complete everything you could possibly need to live out your picnic dreams.
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  1. The best approach is always a “no cook” approach.

No-one likes cold appetizers, or soggy finger foods… stick with delicious hourdurves that transport easily on their own, and don’t require any extra waste to keep them fresh!

This is exactly why Charcuterie boards are a fool proof option.. most cheeses and meats are pre-wrapped, and the only element you need to consider bringing along to make sure they are served just right is an ice pack to keep them fresh. PRO TIP: freeze water bottles as Ice packs- once they defrost, they are a great backup refresher!

  1. Pack light, but pack enough

Make sure you consider how many guests will be joining you on your soiree.. you never want you guests to leave hangry, nor do you want to leave with extra food that you will end up throwing away. Click HERE for my ultimate charcuterie party portion guide!

  1. Comfort is KEY. But leave your living room at home.

Obviously a picnic blanket is a must, but before you get all extra and bring your fleet of couch pillows along for the ride, consider investing in a small portable picnic table!

 Having an elevated surface for all your food items will save your back from leaning over every time you reach for food. It will also prevent (most) accidental spills since your spread would be on a raised, level surface.  I love this one from business and pleasure, or if you would like something that requires less assembly, consider this option from @beachably.

If you’re truly a seasoned picnic-goer, you can consider investing in a few outdoor pillows. I like THESE from amazon because they not only have a durable, waterproof cover, but are also removable and washable.

  1. Bring the tunes.

 If I had a dime for the amount of times I forgot a speaker… lol. In order to get the vibe JUST right, you gotta have music! I like to keep these tiny portable speakers in my beach bag and picnic basket so I never forget!

Don’t know what to play? Click here to listen to several of my FREE playlists!

  1. Respect your mother ..

and bring a damn trash bag. You gotta leave your picnic space better than you found it, right?

PRO TIP: I also like to bring along an extra reusable grocery bag to throw all my dirty utensils and platters so I can simply drop them in the sink when I get home! Just make sure you choose a bag that you can easily clean in case of a spill.



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